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Your concern

  • Is patient satisfaction key for your success and are you therefore approaching your patients at eye level?

  • Are you committed to interdisciplinary collaboration and well documented knowhow? Do you want to optimize the exchange between the different disciplines?

  • Do your therapies base on the latest scientific findings and do you want to circulate information reaching all concerned staff members?

Communicate your ideas in a generally understandably way

  • at eye level with your patients

  • and make them transparent in the existing processes

  • tailored to each professional group in the clinic

  • to all people who contribute to the further development of the hospital: patients and their families, visitors, employees, sponsors, suppliers, collaboration partners and decision makers in public health.

Change perspective – assure quality

I put myself in your audience’s place, and you will get from me

  • a co-editing of your text

  • an editorial report according to “sensitive reading” (180-degree feedback, peer review)

  • a check of interdisciplinary guidelines and standards on their coherence for the daily practice.

These services are for content in German language only.

Examples for rolled-out ideas

  • Co-editing and Peer Review of a patient brochure for the Swiss Cancer League
  • Authoring articles for the information platform of a patient group in the segment of highly specialized medicine
  • Co-editing of a investors’ brochure for a new business domain of a small pharma company
  • Setup of coherent and representative communication channels (website, flyer etc.), and editing as well as authoring the content for the ETH Women Professors’ Forum (interviews, articles etc.)
  • PR-documentation for the fundraising for “Svizzera Mon Amour” guest country at Lago Film Fest, Italy
  • Negotiations with various stakeholders (foundation, administration, private sector) to promote new ventures on other continents

Best Practice

The Electronic Patient Record.

And how can healthcare professionals support the patients to manage their record on their own?