Daniela M. Meier, Manda Idea Management

Bridge-builder across disciplines and cultures

Dr. phil. Daniela M. Meier

«At the time when I set up Manda Idea Management, I also established the agency of the ETH Women Professors’ Forum under the umbrella of ETH Zurich and developed the PR-strategy to reach the internal and external dialogue groups.

During my last positions as head of a section and projects for a Federal Commission promoting innovation at the intersection of science and economy, I gathered work experience in the conception of new projects, in project management as well as in public relations. Previously, I worked for a global auditing company as Strategic Business Analyst and was responsible for the industry sectors Industrial Production and Energy. Also, I trained the staff of the company in knowledge management.

During my education I firstly made the M.A. in History, Political Sciences and West Asia studies at University of Bern. After scientific research with a SNSF-grant at the Middle East Centre of Oxford University, I received my doctorate degree in International History. Continuously, I followed professional training, such at The Swiss School for Journalism MAZ in Lucerne and as PRINCE2™ Practitioner for professional project management.»

I did voluntary engagements for several non-for-profit organizations –active in development aid, health and culture– such as a board member, and a delegate in national boards, and as the president of a Swiss academic association. In the past six years, I lead the project to re-build a national patient empowerment organization and I served as the organization’s vice-president and president.»


The idea behind the logo

«Manda amalgamates the various disciplines, areas and cultures in which I had the opportunity to gain experience.»

This visualization was among the digital artistic ornaments of Joe Bartholomew. He is a software engineer and digital artist in Portland/ Oregon USA and the designer of the series Girih Seven. Girih or Gereh ornaments are geometric star-and-polygon patterns applied in mosques in Iran between 12th – 14th century. The tiles’ elements are arranged according to the principle of self-similarity as found among fractals.

See more of Joe Bartholomew’s beautiful ornaments on his website.

© Manda Idea Management acquired the rights to use the digital ornament 14-fold Rotational Symmetry, Spiral as the logo.